Ventilation Consultancy & Design

From ventilation surveys and solutions our design team can offer a full design package including design calculations, recommend design changes to optimise current systems, advise on system compliancy inline with  latest regulations and advise on any life safety elements such as fire damper incorporation and operation or can work closely with client / contractor designers to meet needs, expectations and co-ordination of services to ensure delivery of project requirements.

Ventilation Manufacture

We have our own sheet metal manufacturing facility which can produce all items of DW144 spec ductwork and BS EN Fire rated ductwork.
We have a broad supply chain to provide us next day deliveries on all inline components such as AHU’s, Fans, MVHR’s, Dampers, attenuators, FCU’s and Grilles.

Ventilation Installation

Our fully qualified engineers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in various sectors. We are proficient in projects like rail, pharmaceutical, medical, commercial, and residential.

Fire-Rated Ductwork

We can specify, manufacture and install all systems in compliance with the latest BS EN1366  requirements.

Kitchen Extract Systems, Canopys and Catering Equipment

We can specify, supply and install kitchen canopy extract systems and provide all aspects of catering equipment.

AHU Refurbishment

 A complete package, encompassing fan specification, dismantling old systems, filter replacement, belts and bearings replacement, CHW / HC / DX coil replacement,  rewiring to local isolators and commissioning. Upgrades to energy-efficient plug fans are also available in place of older scroll fans.

Fire Damper Servicing

An intrusive survey identifies non-compliant fire dampers followed by a plan for rectification or replacement. A yearly service plan can be offered if requested.

Ductwork Sealing with Aeroseal

Non-intrusive internal sealing for poorly installed or depreciated systems, restoring performance to 99%.

Ductwork Cleaning

Pre-clean swab analysis and a detailed report showcasing the cleaning process upon completion.

Air Conditioning

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of air conditioning, refrigeration and close control systems.

Pipe Work Installations

Our engineers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of pipework installations and systems.
Ranging from LTHW, CHW, Condenser water, potable / non potable water systems, HWS and above ground drainage.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We can specify, supply and install air source heat pumps, lowering the carbon footprint and offering a more efficient heat source.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning of all Ventilation systems and Domestic Hot Water Services with fail safe testing included. Documentation compilation and witnessing requirements included. Domestic Water Chlorination Works with associated Lab sampling post works (TVC and Legionella Lab Analysis), Chlorination certification included post works.

Thermal Insulation

Solutions for both ductwork and pipework insulation, along with external cladding.

Walkways & Step Overs

Survey and installation of permanent access solutions, including stepovers, high-level AHU access platforms, and low-level walkways.


Comprehensive maintenance for all mechanical systems and components, including necessary replacements. Service plans can be arranged if required.
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